Children & Teens

Hypnotherapy is a safe relaxation technique for children and teenagers, however, I understand that some parents may be uncomfortable with this. I also have other techniques that can be effective dealing with their problems.

Hypnotherapy allows children and teenagers to release deep-rooted negative beliefs which may have been picked up from television, media, school or family and friends. These bad feelings can manifest in the child causing bad habits such as nail biting, anxieties, worries or low self-esteem. Often children worry about events from the news such burglaries or murders. These concerns can build up in their minds to causing a fear of it happening to them or their family. Boys and girls from an early age are influenced by body images in the media and begin to aspire to look a certain way. This can mean they compare themselves to others often leaving them feeling insecure about themselves.

Added to this is exam stress, peer pressure, parent stress, sibling rivalry and feeling they don’t fit within the family. which can really affect their performance and confidence. Hypnosis is a great way to get children back on track with their thinking allowing them to feel good about themselves and the environment they live in.

Up to the age of 5, all children are in a kind of hypnotic state where they believe what they are told, as the critical filter in their mind has not developed. This means every time a child is told they are naughty it is forming part of their core belief system that will shape them for the rest of their lives. Parents do their best to be positive, but there will still be some things that negatively program children. Even older children and teens often accept what they are told as the truth which can damage their confidence. Hypnotherapy is used to treat problems such as a fear or worry but also can be used to enhance and improve study, exam success, sports, singing and dancing performance.