Will I say or doing anything against my will?

NO! The brain is highly suggestible when in hypnosis, however, I cannot make you act, say or do anything against your will.

Of the subconscious does not like the suggestion or believe it, it will simply reject it. It will have zero effect.

Perceptions of swinging watches, people unconscious, eating onions and clucking like chickens is certainly not what hypnotherapy is all about!

Think of hypnotherapy as MEDITATION WITH A PURPOSE.

How will I feel?

You will feel completely relaxed and at ease.

If you have ever meditated or done a yoga class, there is often relaxation at the end.

This is how you will feel.

Will I ever be out of control or asleep?

You will never feel out of control, just relaxed.

You are free to come out of hypnosis whenever you wish.