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HYPNOTHERAPY is more natural than you may think and you have in fact experienced hypnosis many times yourself.
Do you wonder how you got to work somedays, big chunks of the journey you have not remembered? That page of that book you have to re read as you didn’t take it all in. Those times when you day dream whilst watching T.V This is all hypnosis!

Why do we self-sabotage or not have the motivation to make that change even when we crave it so badly? The reason is our subconscious mind is so powerful and has no logic. Unwanted behavioural patterns prevent you achieving your goals and dreams. Let me help reorganise that for you!

Imagine losing those extra pounds, stop smoking for good, relieve anxieties, help you gain more confidence and self esteem to become the very best version of yourself and live a healthy and happy life.

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A short hypnosis track by Carrie Swain.

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I have been having hypnotherapy with Carrie for extreme anxiety, and she is truly amazing! I instantly saw a profound improvement to my state of mind after only one session. So much so that it not only improved my life drastically, but my daughters too…
If you are struggling with anxiety please don’t give up hope contact Carrie it honestly works and I highly recommend her. Her warm calming voice puts you at ease straight away, and she’s so easy to talk to while remaining thoroughly professional…


My dad and sister came to Carrie a few months ago to finally stop smoking. My dad smoked 40/50 easy a day and my sister 20+ daily. They are both doing amazing, all these weeks without even craving a cigarette, Carrie did an amazing job. She’s so welcoming and friendly I would HIGHLY recommend. Thank you


I’ve just had my second treatment with Carrie and I’ve lost 10 pounds in the first week, completely over the moon with it so far, Carrie puts you completely at ease and you are fully relaxed, the hypnotherapy is nothing like what you see on the TV! I was nervous before my first session but I actually enjoy it. Highly recommend.


Visited Carrie as wanted assistance with losing weight for self esteem and medical reasons. I was made to feel at ease and reassured by Carrie’s caring manner. The whole process was explained thoroughly before any sessions were carried out and any questions I had were answered. Found the whole process very beneficial and not only have I lost over a stone (this is at the time of writing, I’m sure more loss is to follow) I’m finding that I am making better food choices that in turn assist the weight loss. Carrie has given me a new mantra “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. Would thoroughly recommend her!


I have been receiving hypnotherapy from Carrie to help me come to terms with a bereavement.
Carrie is a very competent therapist and spiritual person. She genuinely cares about her clients. She has made a big difference to my physical and psychological well being.


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Carrie Swain Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is designed to help you make changes to your thoughts, feelings, habits or behaviours. Hypnotherapy is safe and natural, it feels just like daydreaming. In this state, your mind is able to develop new ways of thinking and feeling at a deeper level. These changes happen easily and permanently, with life changing results.

If you want to take back control and become the best version of you, Carrie is waiting for your call.

Carrie Swain