How Can I Help You?

Our subconscious is programed to keep us safe and comfortable, towards pleasure and away from pain. However, faulty programs in the mind, often from a trauma or our interpretation of an experience, can cause this to present as addiction (towards temporary pleasure) or even extreme behaviours such as agoraphobia (prevention from pain or unpleasant experiences). The brain is doing its job, however the outdated program that is allowing us from living our best possible life is holding us back.

For example:- a smoker sees the horrifying effects that cigarettes have on the cover of the packet, though it makes no difference to the smoker! They still buy them upon seeing these images and they still light up! The person who wants to lose weight but still overeats and eats foods that set them off on a binge! They know this behaviour results in piling on the pounds but they still do it! WHY??? Because the behaviour is ingrained in the
subconscious mind (and the subconscious is what I work with to get fast, very effective results)!

An updated and logical version is needed to achieve these results! I work with the subconscious, where these beliefs and behaviours need to be  reframed to update this behaviour to a better version!