Carrie’s Story

I have been a holistic therapist for twenty years and have always been interested in alternative therapies, I believe the physical body and mind has all the tools within to heal itself.

I have worked globally with high profile clients and royalty in America, Australia and the Middle East.
I teach my clients how to use the tools I give them, such as self hypnosis to thrive in life and overcome issues when they arise.

The main reason I studied as a Clinical Hypnotherapist was to transform the lives of survivors of abuse.
This is my area of expertise.

I have worked with women offenders, victims and addicts and seen profound results with this amazing, natural therapy.

I see women regain their sense of self in a very short space of time. Whether the abuse is still taking place or they have been parted from the perpetrator for years it is common for the side effects to be felt, wreaking havoc within their every day life.

It can present an issue such as anorexia, fears and phobias, low self worth, self harm, eating disorders, anger weight gain and addiction and many more.

With specialized techniques, Hypnosis and coaching, it is possible for women to thrive after treatment relieving them of the unnecessary suffering leading to a happy life.